Dental Connections, a nonprofit dental clinic serving the Polk, Dallas and Warren County communities, and the children we serve, needs your help. Between our Main Clinic, Smile Squad/Mobile Dental Clinic (SS/MDC) and Nolden Gentry Dental Clinic (NGDC), we serve over 15,000 children each year.

For many of these children, we are their first interaction with a dentist, and most, 98%, come from families with little or no dental insurance. Our SS/MDC travels to 73 different schools, daycare and HeadStart facilities in eight school districts across the metro and Perry, IA, to remove the transportation barrier many of these families face. All told, the SS/MDC goes into 647 classrooms each year to provide screenings, varnish applications, oral exams, cleaning and fluoride treatment. Almost every child has some form of decay or oral health deficiency.

In a report from Delta Dental of IA, 30% of children in the U.S ages 6-12 missed more than 9, MILLION school days due to oral health problems in 2016!! This number refers to treatment that is past preventative care and does not include regular bi-annual dental appointments.

These children experience:

  • Decreased ability to concentrate due to pain.
  • Decreased confidence due an unhealthy smile.
  • Decreased performance via lower grades or abilities at work.
  • Lower attendance rates because of dental appointments.
  • Change in their ability speak.

The report goes on to say that dental health is “vital to their development.” Starting good oral health habits now will lead to a healthier smile throughout the child’s life.

Here is where you come in. Dental Connections is launching a campaign called Adopt a Smile. For a recurring monthly gift of:

  • $30.00/month, you will provide basic dental care for a child for a full year
  • $50.00/month, you will provide enhanced dental care for a child for a full year (occasional extractions, crowns, etc.)
  • $100.00/month, you will provide complete dental care for a child for a full year

Your generous donation will ensure a child receives the care they need to begin a life of healthy oral habits. Your gift will help them succeed in school because they won’t be focused on the pain in their mouth. Your investment will start them on a path to succeed in life, because a healthy mouth translates to better overall health and well-being.