POSITION TITLE:  Dental Assistant

ORGANIZATION:  Dental Connections

REPORTS TO:  Human Resources and Financial Administrator/Dental Director

Position Purpose:

Clinical position to assist the dentists, dental students, and hygienist in providing dental care to patients of Dental Connections, and to uphold and carry out infection control guidelines set by the organization.

Job Functions:

General Chairside Assisting:

  • Assist procedures as directed by the provider and provide independent care to patients;
  • Provide educational information to parents/patients, including presentation of proposed treatment, aftercare instructions, dietary recommendations, tooth brushing and flossing instructions;
  • Ensure operation and general maintenance of primary equipment necessary to day-to-day operations of the dental clinic (compressor, vacuum Pumps, medical gas, sterilizers, disinfector, Ultrasonic, delivery carts);
  • Prepare treatment operatories for patient care, including collection and process of instrumentation, dental materials, and placement of barriers;
  • Breakdown and disinfect the operatory following completion of care, including processing of instruments and hand pieces, removal of barriers, disinfection of all surfaces;
  • Expose and process radiographs following clinic parameters as directed by the provider. Radiographs must be adequate in number and quality in order to ensure accurate diagnosis;
  • Review medical histories with patients/parents and accurately relay information to the dentist;
  • Provide accurate and thorough documentation of patient treatment and/or interaction;
  • Accurately post billable services to patient accounts following treatment as directed by the provider;
  • Maintain supplies and restock treatment and sterilization areas as needed;
  • Perform and verify Start of Day and End of Day procedures;

Infection Control/Sterilization:

  • Ensure operation and general maintenance of equipment used during the process of sterilization and disinfection of patient care items;
  • Load instrument cassettes and loose instruments into the instrument disinfector;
  • Package instruments for sterilization/disinfection according to the packaging categories stated in Dental Connections protocols;
  • Process hand pieces for disinfection and lubrication;
  • Load and process Autoclaves and Statim sterilizers insuring placement of monitoring tools;
  • Verify and document sterilized items prior to removal from sterilizers;
  • Sanitize treatment operatory rooms following treatment procedures, including all exposed surfaces;
  • Sanitize and maintain water lines;
  • Sanitize and maintain vacuum lines and debris traps;
  • Process soiled laundry through wash and dry cycles and return to the appropriate storage area.

Additional Responsibilities (as assigned):

  • Perform weekly sterilization spore tests and autoclave maintenance;
  • Complete monthly waterline testing and necessary follow-up;
  • Conduct daily monitoring and weekly replacement of vacuum pump traps and checks of compressor oil levels;
  • Maintain dental lab and assist with lab work as requested by providers.


Position Requirements:

  • Education Requirement: Registered Dental Assistant (registration must be current);
  • Iowa Dental Radiology Certification (current);
  • Strong computer skills/experience required, including Electronic Dental Records/Documentation;
  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to maintain long-standing, professional relationships with staff and patients;
  • Ability to easily relate to diverse populations;
  • Bi-lingual (Spanish/English) preferred, but not required.